Julien Klink

Julien Klink’s primary practice area is in personal injury specializing in auto accidents, trucking accidents, slip and fall matters, and premises liability matters.  Julien’s passion to obtain justice for the firm’s clients is unwavering.  Having secured numerous and substantial recoveries on behalf of those injured by the negligence of others, Julien isn’t afraid to go head-to-head with the insurance companies and their lawyers.  As a result of his drive and dedication, Julien serves as the firm’s Director of Pre-Litigation. 

As a client of The Ghuneim Law Firm, you can count on Julien to fight for the compensation you deserve, ensure that you’ve received proper medical care and attention, and that he will personally go to the scene of the accident/incident to take pictures and videos, obtain statements, interview witnesses and secure evidence for your case. 

Julien Klink is there for The Ghuneim Law Firm’s clients and prides himself on his excellent communication, round-the-clock availability, and aggressive advocacy for injured Texans.

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